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My husband and I had our first intentional threesome right before our first wedding anniversary. Any non-monogamous exploits before that point had been accidental and not entirely sanctioned by the boundaries of our relationship.

Before that threesome, we spent three years talking about non-monogamy. Because we both believed that non-monogamy…

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I can count the fiction books I’ve read more than once on the one hand (as long as I discount my obsessive reading of The Monster At the End of This Book as a kid).

Most days, I feel desperate at the number of books I will leave unread because…

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When you think about your romantic or sexual relationships and your platonic friendships, do they exist on the same spectrum or different ones?

It struck me the other day that all adult relationships outside of our families are essentially the same. The only difference is where you draw the boundaries…

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I have every intention of publishing several times a week. And yet, over the last couple of weeks, despite spending plenty of time writing, I am finding I struggle to get pieces to a point where they’re ready for publication.

Deep down, I know not every article has to be…

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I was in the final semester of my Master’s program and working at a job I felt I had lucked my way into. During my last annual review, my female boss had told me I needed to dress more professionally if I had any hope of moving up in my…

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I adore Dr. Sanjay Gupta — he’s a neurosurgeon, journalist, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, and a handsome, funny guy. His newest book, Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any Age, is a must-read to understanding how the things we do today will impact our dementia risk later in life…

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I’ve been writing for public consumption for about 6 weeks, and thanks to an experimental article unexpectedly getting tons of views, I’ve had to get comfortable with people disagreeing with me.

On a recent story inspired by a swinger event (where swinging had nothing to do with the rest of…

Sophie Rose

My writing is as varied as my life: sex, sobriety, non-monogamy, books, research, relationships, and mental health are my favorite topics.

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